Monday, March 9, 2009

A cowardly new world...

I used to believe blogs were the ultimate expression of self indulgent egoism… then I came to realize what my friends already knew: I'm incredibly self absorbed that this would be a perfect vehicle to showcase it.

It also provides an exellent alternative to a journal. I love writing, but pen and paper pose significant challenges to me. There is a general consensus that I have the worst handwriting in the history of Western civilization (and probably Eastern civilization too.... Kanji are surely harder than cursive, something I never mastered). My clumsy block print is often mistaken for a 3rd grader. Grocery store clerks frequently ask “Is that yo’ real signature?” Sadly, it is.

I’m a political junkie and the '08 election I finally jumped head first into the blogosphere. But for some reason I tend to steer clear of serious ones that reflect my views ( Daily Kos, Huffington Post, TPM , etc.) in lieu of the irreverent ( Wonkette , Rumproast), the psychotic (Townhall , Hot Air), the bizarre (I Blame the Patriarchy ) and the retarded ( The Confulence , Puma PAC). I feel guilty giving those guys hits, but I get bored reading opinions I already agree with.

Another good thing about blogging: I can lie. I’m a lousy liar in person. I have several tells and they’re pretty obvious. I’m not so good with secrets, either.


  1. Your first paragraph also sums up why I blog. I just need to TALK ABOUT MYSELF. At least it's not quite as in your face and fucking awful as, say, bumper stickers.

  2. Is posting links to the thoughts of others really Blogging? I can go to any of dozens of (infinitely better) websites and get the same thing.

  3. Is posting links to the thoughts of others really Blogging?

    Ummm.... yeah! Are you saying Instapundit is nothing more than a self absorbed hack unaware of his all too obvious limitations?

    Guess you'll be taking that back now...