Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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Hello all! When I began this thang 6 months ago, I figured that I would be able to post a couple times a week and still have time for commute, work, studying, marriage, travelling, moving, booze, etc. But then life began getting in the way. My workload was piling up, my LSAT exam was looming, our honeymoon was approaching, we had to buy our first house, and my best drinking buddy stayed with us for a couple months. Suddenly, blogging time grew scarce. So I dropped it, thinking that it would fade into obscurity, or at least be deleted by Blogger.

But now that Fall has come around I seem to have more and more time on my hands. I've recently completed my LSAT (a respectable score), changed offices (so long Sanford, I'll miss you), bought a house (ok, a townhouse), and finished my Summer travels (Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, Asheville, and Greece), and my drinking buddy moved to NYC to attend Grad school (he's studying poetry, that pussy.) So I checked out my blog, and lo and behold some folks had actually read it and commented on my posts! So I'm bringin' it back! And it's gonna be badder than ever. Watchout!

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